Douglas Laboratories – Astragalus Max-V – Standardized Astragalus to Provide Immune Support – 60 Capsules

IMMUNE HEALTH: Astragalus is mostly known for its immune-modulating properties in support of a healthy immune system.*
ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT: Researchers have indicated that Astragalus may support the immune system by binding and activating B-cells and macrophages, stimulating lymphocytes, and providing antioxidant properties.*
FOUNDATION: Dietary supplement formulated to support the unique biochemical and metabolic needs of each individual.*

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Douglas Laboratories – Cape Aloe – Cape Aloe Latex Supports Bowel Regularity* – 100 Capsules

GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH: Cape Aloe plays an important role in supporting the healthy gastrointestinal system and proper bowel maintenance.*
TRADITIONAL PLANT: Aloe is a native plant of Africa that has been traditionally used to support the body in a variety of uses.*
DIGESTIVE: Dietary supplement formulated to support G.I. health and its highly complex ecosystem.*

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