Which Vitamin D Supplement is best for you?

The best Vitamin D for 2020


Vitamin D is important for your health and has so many benefits. There are many products on the market, which is why comparing prices is not easy and so tricky to know which one to choose that won’t break the bank!  Vitamin D is a critical nutrient for both physical and mental health.

Vitamin D, D3, K2 Supplements

Those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to little exposure to the sun or other problems, can help themselves with a good supplement. Most of the top brand products are made with Vitamin D3 which guarantees a much more potent effect than Vitamins D2 and D.

The benefits derived from the intake are a strengthening of the immune defenses and bones, moreover it will also benefit the teeth that will remain healthy. There are supplements that in addition to D3 also contain K2. This particular vitamin proves to be an excellent ally against physical pain, especially menstrual ones, which is why many women use it to benefit from the positive effects on their body and mind. In any case, you must never exceed the allowed doses, because otherwise you risk incurring quite serious side effects.

How do you know which Vitamin D Supplement to choose?

When choosing a supplement we always recommend evaluating the quantity of capsules contained in the jar and comparing this factor to the price. A good product should contain at least 180 or 200 tablets to ensure a long-lasting supply of vitamin D. The most capacious jars can reach up to 400 or 500 capsules, an ideal quantity to cover more than a year for a single person, but which also adapt very well to the needs of a family.

The choice must fall on the actual need for vitamin D, which is always best to establish with a specialist doctor. Moreover, if you do not have to take large doses of vitamin D it is useless to buy a very large jar, because once it has expired then it’s thrown away.

Vitamin D Ingredients & Capsules

Some people are not very fond of ingesting the large capsules contained in supplement jars as they often cause some digestive problems. In these cases, you can opt for smaller and easier-to-swallow tablets or perhaps look for a supplement with openable capsules and a powder content that can be poured into water or a drink. Before buying a product it is good to check with which ingredients it has been prepared and especially if it has certifications, in order to be on the safe side.

We suggest avoiding supplements with artificial ingredients that can be harmful to your health. Vegans and vegetarians will want to look for supplements containing tablets created without the use of lactose or gluten and especially not tested on animals.